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Singapore Maid Possessed (Video)

Wednesday, March 29, 20171181

NASA image of Mars show an alien gun lying on the surface of the Mars? (Photo)

Friday, February 19, 20166117
Mulder's World
This NASA image of Mars has caused excitement among UFO fans and conspiracy theorists, who seem convinced that it shows an alien gun lying on the...

Bigfoot filmed walking through woods in Utah's Payson Canyon (Video)

Thursday, February 18, 20169118
Credit:Youtube/The Paranormal Review

Amazon river that will burn it's victims alive (Photo)

Thursday, February 18, 20165390
Mulder's World
A mysterious, four-mile long river deep in the heart of the Amazon is so hot that it boils. The river has long been a legend in Peru, and when...

Python devours a whole Kangaroo (Video)

Wednesday, February 17, 20162733

Woman Has Dead Cat Stuffed So She Can Travel With It (Photo)

Tuesday, February 16, 20163050
Mulder's World
An Argentinian woman found it so hard to part with her recently deceased pet cat that she had its body stuffed by a taxidermist just so she could...

Triceratops 'Godshilla' Blocks Road (Photo)

Tuesday, February 16, 20163908
Mulder's World
Last Friday, a massive statue of the cretaceous dinosaur was moved by pranksters into the middle of a road in the village of Godshill on the Isle of...

Shoes with severed feet inside washed up on Vancouver Island (Photo)

Thursday, February 11, 20165074
Mulder's World
A family visiting the west coast of Vancouver Island over the weekend found a shoe with a dismembered foot inside — the latest in a series of...

Spanish police reveal the different methods ruthless people traffickers use to smuggle migrants (Photo)

Thursday, February 11, 20164123
Mulder's World
These pictures shows the incredible lengths immigrants go to in order to enter Spain across its land border with Morocco. Hiding underneath car...

Shark Attack Caught On Video In Front Of Tourists (Video)

Wednesday, February 10, 20163945
Warning: Graphic Video

12 Year Old Girl Has Ants Crawling Out of Her Ears Every Day (Photo)

Tuesday, February 09, 20163261
Mulder's World
12-year-old Shreya Darji, from the state of Gujarat in western India, is suffering from a bizarre case of ants. Giant ants crawl out of her ears...

5 Most Likely Locations of Atlantis (Video)

Friday, February 05, 20162658

The Mysterious Deep Sea Creature (Video)

Friday, February 05, 20162375
In 1950, scientists discovered a strange creature living in the depths of the ocean. For the last six decades, scientists have been trying to figure...

One SETI scientist said aliens are the superior specie (Photo)

Friday, February 05, 20162188
Mulder's World
A leading scientist involved in the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (Seti) has said that if aliens visit our planet, they could take control...

Man grabs giant 'rat-eating' coconut crab (Photo)

Thursday, February 04, 20163767
Mulder's World
This brave tourist certainly proved he had a tough shell as he was snapped lifting one of the world's biggest crabs .Mark Pierrot shows little in the...

UFO filmed crashing down in Russia (Video)

Thursday, February 04, 20162868

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