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Indian Airforce Now Authorized To Shoot Down UFOs Over Concerns (Video)

Friday, November 06, 20151614
On Oct. 30, IGI air traffic control (ATC) viewed suspicious flying objects three times near and around the airport, reports hindustantimes.com.

Mysterious Black Orb Lands In Spanish Field (Video)

Friday, November 06, 20152067
A mysterious black orb has been discovered in the middle of a field after apparently falling from space.

UFO Hovers Over Tlaquepaque (Video)

Thursday, November 05, 20151574
An unidentified flying object filmed in the sky over Tlaquepaque in Mexico on November 1, 2015.

Ghost sets off alarm in a haunted pub (Article)

Thursday, November 05, 2015183

Soldier ghost hanging out in a forest (Photo)

Thursday, November 05, 20152493
Mulder's World
Jamie Brassington, a 22-year-old amateur photographer, was out taking pictures of fog and low-lying mist in Kinver, Staffordshire, when he...

Doctors pulled a live tapeworm out of a man’s brain (Photo)

Thursday, November 05, 20151197
Mulder's World
Luis Ortiz, a 26-year-old student, was feeling really sick and had the worst headache of his life. His mother called 911 and he was rushed to...

2,500 year old Russian princess returned over fears her upheaval led to a series of natural disasters (Photo)

Wednesday, November 04, 20151714
Mulder's World
A tattooed princess preserved in permafrost after 2,500 years is to be reinterred amid fears her upheaval sparked a series of natural disasters. The...

Snake eats its way out of another snake (Photo)

Wednesday, November 04, 20151325
Mulder's World
The picture you see here shows a semi-digested black snake busting through the side of the snake that’s eating it.

Fisherman Catches Bigfoot On Video (Video)

Tuesday, November 03, 20152521
This is pretty scary. This fly fisherman had no idea he was being watched. You can see the black figure coming out of the bushes to take a peek.

Is this the legendary lost Acra of Jerusalem? (Photo)

Tuesday, November 03, 20151014
Mulder's World
Archaeologists in Jerusalem have uncovered the wall of a massive tower from the 2,000 year old citadel used by the Greeks to subdue the inhabitants...

Yellowstone National Park's Rainbow Geyser (Photo)

Tuesday, November 03, 2015996
Mulder's World
Jassen Todorov captured the beautiful colors - caused by micro-organisms growing around the edges of the mineral rich water- as he flew over the...

Could this be Shakespeare's skull? (Photo)

Monday, November 02, 2015963
Mulder's World
It’s a drama that is worthy of the stage – clergymen at a Worcestershire church are trying to identify a lone skull that, according to legend, could...

The mystery of the lost underground Amazonian city (Photo)

Friday, October 30, 20151626
Mulder's World
If the tale of the search for the lost underground city of Akakor and its Ugha Mongulala tribe sounds like the script for an Indiana Jones movie -...

Ghost image captured on baby monitor (Photo)

Friday, October 30, 20151680
Mulder's World
This is the creepy image of a ghostly face seen lurking in little girl's bedroom. The petrified pair were sitting in the lounge when they noticed the...

Bizarre “Death Experience” School Helps Depressed Students Appreciate Life (Photo)

Friday, October 30, 2015951
Mulder's World
A new treatment for suicidal patients in South Korea involves locking them up in wooden coffins. The fake “death experience” apparently helps...

This Cook Can Dip Hands in Boiling Oil without Pain or Injury (Photo)

Thursday, October 29, 20151062
Mulder's World
Prem Kumar, from New Delhi, India, regularly shocks people with his high tolerance to heat – the man can fry fish with his bare hands, dipping them...

Iconic “Tree of Life” in Olympic National Park (Photo)

Thursday, October 29, 20151203
Mulder's World
Located on an eroded, partially caved in cliff on Kalaloch beach, within Olympic National Park in Washington, the Tree of Life is stubbornly hanging...

Horrifying Botfly Invasion (Video)

Thursday, October 29, 20151659

Road In Indiana Built Around a Gravesite (Photo)

Wednesday, October 28, 20151094
Mulder's World
The gravesite belongs to Indiana native Nancy Kerlin Barnett, who died in 1831. The spot is considered by some to be one of the state's most haunted...

All-Female Mass Grave Found In China (Photo)

Wednesday, October 28, 20151022
Mulder's World
Archaeologists have uncovered more than 80 skulls of young women who may have been sacrificed 4,000 years ago in China. The skulls were discovered in...

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