This Snow Doesn't Melt: Strange Snow Falling Over US

Saturday, February 01, 2014

This Snow Doesn't Melt: Strange Snow Falling Over US Weird weather is becoming a constant these days. Never more evident than the recent snowfall in parts of the US. What makes this snow weird? It doesn't melt! That's right, fake snow! In fact, people all over are scooping it up and doing everything from observation to burning. Witnesses claim that they've left it at room temps for days and it doesn't melt. Others have attempted to melt it with fire and it just turns black and smells of plastic. What is going on with this fake snow? Is the Government pulling another one of their unannounced tests, where they use us as guinea pigs? Take a look at people trying to make sense of this fake snow here: When I fist started seeing reports on this early in the week, I frankly didn't think too much of it, until I read about a Mothman encounter in Georgia. Look for that story here at Mulder's World. Credit: - Susan Duclos