Copilot Of MH370 Uses Cell Phone AFTER Flight Vanishes

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Copilot Of MH370 Uses Cell Phone AFTER Flight Vanishes As if this mystery couldn't get anymore...well, mysterious, it's just been discovered that the copilot of the missing aircraft made a cell phone call after the plane went missing. Investigators say a call was placed from Fariq Abdul Hamid's cell phone as the plane flew low enough to connect to towers near the island of Penang, on the north of Malaysia's west coast. After a connection was established the call was abruptly cut off. This was likely because the Boeing 777 was moving away from the towers too quickly to allow a sustained signal. You may say that he was trying to say goodbye, but wouldn't a copilot be way to busy to stop and make a call with only seconds to work with in trying to right a plane? Especially knowing the odds of a connection are almost zero? Another strange event to add to the ever deepening saga. I've always stood on the idea that the plane went down. However, while these conspiracy theories don't help the situation, when you think of it in another aspect, they don't exactly hurt either. What if one of these fantastic scenarios is true? That would mean that 239 people are not dead and that's good news. Unfortunately, odds of the plane not being in the ocean are very low IMO. As I've said before, I just want resolution for the families. Credit: